We Are Fighting Against Ebola!

Ebola Outbreak


The current epidemic in West Africa is the largest Ebola outbreak on record. Currently there are no drugs used for treatment of Ebola globally, and no effective vaccines that can prevent the Ebola virus infection. Early diagnosis has important significance in early detection of patients and taking measures timely.

Ebola Virus Real-time PCR Diagnostic Kit

—— Cooperation between DaAn Gene and Chinese CDC

At present, DaAn Gene Co., Ltd. cooperating with Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , have successfully developed the Zaire Ebola virus nucleic acid detection reagent (PCR-Fluorescent Probe method).


This kit is suitable for auxiliary diagnosis of Ebola Virus infection and monitoring the therapeutic effect of drug in patients. On September 16th, Chinese CDC sent a laboratory testing team to Sierra Leone to carry out the virus detection task with Ebola virus detection reagents.

The French Pasteur Institute has cooperated with Chinese CDC for a long time. Its UBIVE laboratory is the viral hemorrhagic fever reference laboratory by the world health organization, and one of authority designated testing laboratory of Ebola hemorrhagic fever. This August, Chinese CDC sent some researchers to France to research the Ebola hemorrhagic fever detection method, and completed the validation of fluorescence RT-PCR nucleic acid detection kit. Using with Zaire Ebola virus RNA separated by French Pasteur institute from West Africa, Chinese CDC validated the single and multiple fluorescent RT-PCR method, and compared them with RT-PCR method form French Pasteur Institute. Results show that the fluorescent RT-PCR methods from Chinese CDC and French Pasteur Institute have equivalent effect, high degree specificity and sensitivity.