HBV Drug-Resistant Mutations Detection Kit

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The Life-Daan JV HBV Drug-Resistant Mutations Detection Kit targets the polymerase (pol) region of the HBV viral genome, the reverse transcription region of codons from 143 to 280. This kits can detect more than 20 mutation associated with resistance to six available drugs in the 408bp region, containing the known YMDD and M204V/I mutations.


  • Identify Viral Genotype
  • Interrogate Hepatitis B Viral Mutations
  • Aid physicians to select proper drugs for HBV patients


  • Low–input DNA protocol (20 ng), compatible with serum and plasma samples
  • Technology: Sanger Sequencing
  • Test results for research use only, cannot be taken as the basis of clinical diagnosis.

【How It Works】

  • Amplification of relevant portions of the HBV genome by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification of 20 mutation sites in the reverse transcription polymerase region of codons from 143 to 280;
  • Gene sequencing with 3500Dx and 3500Dx XL Genetic Analyzer of purified products;
  • Computer analysis to determine mutation presence or absence.