Diagnostic Kit For M.tuberculosis Isoniazid Resistance

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The Life-Daan JV Isoniazid Resistant Mutations Detection Kit targets mutations on three genes--- katG, inhA, ahpC, they are codon315 of katG gene, position -15 of inhA promoter, and promoter sequence of aphC gene.


Identification of the M. tuberculosis complex and its resistance to Isoniazid from pulmonary clinical specimens or cultivated samples


  • Low–input DNA protocol (20 ng), compatible with sputum samples
  • Technology: Sanger Sequencing
  • Test results for research use only, cannot be taken as the basis of clinical diagnosis

【How It Works】

  • Amplification of codon315 of katG gene , position -15 of inhA promoter, and promoter sequence of aphC gene;
  • Gene sequencing with 3500Dx and 3500Dx XL Genetic Analyzer of purified products;
  • Computer analysis to determine mutation presence or absence.

【Applicable population】

  • Patients who use anti-TB drugs for long period
  • Patients who have non-standard treatment
  • Chronic tuberculosis patients (after multiple irregular treatment but still MTB positive)
  • Smear positive patients who have close contact with tuberculosis patients, For persons who have been exposed to INH-resistant, RIF-susceptible TB and are known or suspected to have latent TB infection
  • Smear positive patients for retreatment (including those went through a retreatment failure).
  • Smear positive patients (first time treatment) who still have sputum smear positive after 3 months treatment.