K2800 Nucleic Acid Analyzer

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K2800 nucleic acid analyzer is specially designed to analyze the concentration and pure of nucleic acid (DNA/RNA).


  • 0.3-2µL sample size
  • No cells, no cuvettes
  • No warm-up
  • Rapid measure speed
  • Display the concentration directly
  • No dilutions for samples. It can measure samples with a high concentration
  • Easy to use

【Performance index】

  • Path length: 1mm, 0.2mm
  • Sample size: 0.3-2µ
  • LLight source: Xenon flash lamp
  • Wavelength: 260nm, 230nm, 280nm
  • Absorbance precision: 0.002 Abs
  • Absorbance accuracy: 1%
  • Absorbance range: 0.02-80(10mm equivalent absorbance)
  • Detects Nucleic acid up to: 10-4000ng/μL(dsDNA)
  • Detects Protein up to: 0.1mg/mL-120mg/mL(BSA)
  • Measurement time: <5s
  • Outline size: 24cm×22cm×14cm
  • Net weight: 2.35kg
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